New Zealanders throw away 122,547 tonnes of food including 20 million loaves of bread  a year!

And yet across New Zealand, 270,000 kids go to school every morning without breakfast or go to bed each night without dinner.

Foodbank Canterbury puts surplus food to good use in a sustainable way. We get surplus food safely to the hungry. While hundreds of Cantabrians go hungry each day, safe, healthy and usable food is being disposed of as waste. Foodbank Canterbury collects this nutritious surplus food from all segments of the food industry including restaurants, grocers, supermarkets, wholesalers, hotels and caterers.

The food we deliver helps organisations serve thousands of healthy meals each week and reduce their annual grocer bills – freeing up funds that can be reinvested in other vital support services like medical care and counselling. The food we rescue is diverted from going to landfill where it would release gases toxic to the environment. We distribute food that nourishes both body and soul.

Community House receives 2 deliveries per week, which is distributed through multiple charities and groups in our building.

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